Featuring twenty-two original works, the winter issue of The Penn Review draws together a rich medley of emerging and established voices, including fiction by Alex Nichols and Josh Taylor, artwork by Bill Wolak and Robert R. Thurman, and poetry by Rhiannon Conley, Jeff Ewing, Derek Otsuji, Carolyn Liu, Erika Kielsgard, Audra Coleman, Steven Duong, Gabrielle Hogan, Zoe Stoller, Natalie Homer, Bailey Cohen, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Richard Krohn, Natalie Chao, Cecelia Vieira, Claire Scott, Beth Brown Preston, and Amalie Kwassman.  Bound in a soft cover, this issue is available for purchase at the price of $6.50, shipping included.  Additional rates may apply for international orders.

The Penn Review